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Brining your garden vision to life.
  • Groundwork (soil preparation).
  • Paving.
  •  Installation of new grass, trees or plants.
  • Contouring and establishing of new beddings.
  • Installation of cladding and the building of new walls.
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Improving and maintaining your garden is not only a smart way to invest in your home – it is also a great investment in your quality of life.

In fact, many people are amazed by the way their gardens impact not only their own living conditions, but also that of their family and friends.

Stellenbosch Garden & Pool offers a full spectrum of comprehensive landscape improvement options to fit your lifestyle.

Our solution-driven approach coupled with the broad array of landscaping-related services we provide allows us to take on even the most challenging of garden projects with consistent results.

We have successfully completed multiple garden improvement projects varying from 5 m2 lawns to large, commercial sites. All our projects thus far have been completed with impressive results that increases to amaze even us! This is due to the pride we take in the personal touch of our projects and the longstanding relationships we maintain with our clients, co-workers and suppliers.

Some of our landscaping related services include – groundwork (soil preparation), paving of many different materials, grass installation, installation of new plants/trees, contouring and establishing of new beddings, installation of cladding and building of new walls.

Garden Maintenance

Keeping your garden looking amazing.
  • Lawn mowing, weeding, trimming of hedges &removing of overgrowth.
  • Establishing beddings, lawn supplementation and the addition of new plants.
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Having a well-maintained garden requires consistence, time and effort. Unfortunately, these things are often in short supply when life gets busy.

This can cause the maintenance of your outdoors to become a headache. Because we know the joys that accompany a beautiful garden, we wish to make sure that a person’s garden is never a burden.

SGP has a team of professional, proficient green fingers that can revive even the most neglected gardens in no more than one day’s time.

We also have a large collection of gardens that we service in the Winelands on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly basis.

We are therefore the ideal service provider for the working adult looking for serenity when they are at home.

Don’t stress about what plans to cancel to accommodate the mowing of your overgrown lawn, rather employ SGP and plan a social gathering in your stunning new garden!

Our maintenance services include – lawn mowing, weeding, trimming of hedges, removing of overgrowth, establishing of beddings, lawn supplementation and addition of new plants, ect.

Tree Felling & Pruning

Removing unwanted trees or branches.
  • Plot clearing.
  • Management of diseased plants.
  • Corrective pruning after storm damage.
  • Dangerous tree removal and removal of overgrown branches.
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The removal of large overgrown trees is a specialist field that requires a large amount of precision, skill and experience to execute safely.

It is also an essential service as in many cases, an overgrown tree can endanger the structure of your home, belongings or even your loved ones.

Pruning is also a very important part of a tree’s life as the objective of its maintenance can change over time.

The primary objective of maintenance pruning is to maintain or improve a tree’s health and structure – this should happen regularly throughout the tree’s life.

We offer felling & pruning services in the following scenarios – plot clearing (for construction or remodelling purposes), disease management (identifying and removal of infected trees).

Corrective pruning after storm damage, dangerous tree removal and removal of overgrown branches with the purpose of allowing more light downwards to bolster lower growth.

Pool Maintenance

Keep cool this summer!
  • Maintenance and optimization.
  • Restoration.
  • Filter and pump maintenance.
  • Pool light installations.
  • Leak and electrical fault finding.
  • Chlorine to salt conversions.
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Having a well maintained, sparkling clean pool is one of the greatest joys in life. It is also key to survival in the fierce Winelands Summer!

We offer a wide array of service surrounding the maintenance and optimization of your pool.

We also offer complete pool restorations – no matter how green or dirty your pool might seem, SGP will be able to turn it around!

Our services further include filter and pump maintenance, pool light installations, leak- and electrical fault finding and chlorine to salt conversions.

Employ SGP today as your one stop pool solution specialists and enjoy the benefits of a crystal-clear swimming pool!

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