Landscape project – Dorp Street 158, Casanova Café



It was with great excitement we received word from Fabio, the owner of Rome in a bite restaurant (c/o Andringa and church street), that he would require our assistance with the landscape of his new venture just around the corner. Rome in a bite is without a doubt the best Italian restaurant in Stellenbosch. It is not the largest nor has it been around since Simon first set foot in town. However, there is an undeniable flair and passion that makes it enticing and irresistible to all who sit down for a meal or stop for a quick coffee at Fabio’s restaurant.

Groundwork in progress


With this in mind, we set out to convert the new site, just a few steps away from Rome in a Bite. For many years it was home to the well-known Verbatim Bookstore. As a well-known landmark for local bookworms – our efforts gained attention and speculation from the get-go. Our landscape design aimed to bolster the Italian theme of passion and love whilst providing a functional space for patrons to sit and enjoy the delicacies they have on offer.



We achieved this by finding a balance between hard (cobblestones, terracotta pavers, walkways) and soft (flowers, hedges, ground covers) landscaping elements. We embodied the passion of Casanova Cafe by lining the exterior of our site with bright scarlet red Geraniums – ideal for their hardiness during our harsh summers and long wet winters as well as their ability to bloom through most of the year gave the right conditions.

Proudly done By Stellenbosch Garden & Pool


In conjunction with the red, we added a neat line of silver. Rhagonia Histata also known as the SaltBush – a hardy coastal plant that is very tolerant to drought and even fire retardant. It is also a very neat and attractive hedging plant when clipped at the right intervals. The hedge provides structure to the site and visual appeal as it hides the exposed facade of the old stoep. We worked intimately with Fabio with adherence to his vision for his new prime property Café. We considered the flow of future clients on a stroll down the most notable street in Stellenbosch. We created the landscape to be inviting to all who discover this gem in the heart of the Boland. Rediscover the age-old pleasure of a lazy afternoon walk down the oak-shaded trees of our town and be delighted when you ponder upon the one of kind – Casanova Café.

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